FireworksMarketing in the future will be far different than we know it today. The whole scene is already changing at a rapid rate. Until now, successful marketing was all about how much money you had to create the biggest, most impressive fireworks, drawing attention to your product, more attention than anyone else. Then came the Internet, thousands of television channels, unlimited radio stations, infinite numbers of websites, and multiple media platforms. Now, marketing is completely different. Now, it is all about what the customer is looking for. The customer wants something, and they go hunting for it. Advertising has less impact, less value. What is more important is word of mouth, and search results on Google or Bing and how badly the customer wants to find your products and once they get there, how well you present yourself as a responsible vender and a creative product developer. Everyone can sell anything with almost the same resources at their disposal. You’ve heard people say this, and it really is true: the internet is leveling the playing field.

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